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The importance of family bonding for children’s development and how Maji Magic can help!

It is safe to say there is no limit to the importance of family bonding. It can have a huge impact on several aspects of family life. This includes developmental improvements in children. It can have a dramatic improvement in family interactions and provide great life lessons.

1. Better choices

When families spend time together, children have significantly less chance of getting involved in activities that are detrimental to their health. This can lead to better school grades as they are developing safe and constructive ideologies. Maji Magic offers a fantastic environment for families to spend time with each other and for essential parent-child interaction to take place.

2. Safe learning

The informal setting of a family trip will help the children learn and grow in a non-judgmental and non-formal environment. They will feel safe enough to push their abilities without the fear of failing. Also to be able to overcome situations that test them. This will greatly improve their self-confidence for future challenges. Problem-solving skills are sure to develop too. Maji Magic offers challenging obstacles that can prove difficult to overcome for younger children. They will be very proud of themselves when they conquer an obstacle.

Importance of family bonding at Maji Magic Aqua Park 1 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

3. Becoming better people

Family trips are also simply a chance for children to become better people. When incorporating family members into social settings, children have been seen to be more willing to do good deeds. Also, improving ethics. Caring parents and supportive siblings offering encouragement can greatly improve a child’s willingness to help others. Maji Magic offers a fantastic social setting for children to develop these skills.

4. Improved health

Engaging in quality family time can improve choices made by children and lead them to healthier lives. Reduced levels of child and teen obesity are seen in children with dynamic family bonding sessions. As family interaction can improve the influence parents have over the children. They will be able to steer them into a healthier and more enjoyable future. At Maji Magic, it allows both children and parents to get a work out in a fun manner and can be very rewarding for everyone.

Importance of family bonding at Maji Magic Aqua Park 2 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

5. Improved future parenting

The importance of family bonding trips are that they will help youngsters further along in their lives if and when they become parents themselves. These valuable lessons will be transferred to them at a young age. They will become a key skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. Leadership roles will become easier to grasp as they get older and family trips are essential in this aspect. Here at Maji Magic, there are countless opportunities to engage in parent-child teamwork and friendly competitions between siblings that cement these constructive principles.

We hope your next family trip to Maji Magic is a truly unforgettable one and that it makes your already amazing family even stronger!

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We can’t wait to have you on the park!


  • Sophia Moraa says:

    Seems like a good place for families.
    Where are you located and what are your charges?
    How often are you open?
    Do we have to book an appointment to be there?

    • Maji Magic says:

      Hello we are located at the Waterfront Mall in Karen we charge KES 2000 per person. We are open everyday apart from Monday. You can book online or just come to the site. We hope to see you soon!

  • Christine says:

    Where are you located and how are your charges

    • Maji Magic says:

      Hello we are located at the Waterfront Mall in Karen . We charge KES 2000 per person for a minimum of one hour on the Aqua Park inclusive of wetsuit and life jacket hire. Hope to see you soon!

  • kimberly says:

    what are the charges for kids

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