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5 vital lessons students will learn at Maji Magic


School trips are a very important aspect of learning and growing. Through a variety of experiences, children learn valuable lessons that will help them improve both their knowledge and help them develop life lessons. They will also form a cohesive bond with one another that will assist in building social skills in the future.

1. Visit new places and see new environments

Visiting new and exciting locations is an important step in the learning process. The option of visiting places that they have never been before is a powerful tool in reducing boredom in classroom lessons. This is also the case when the children find a particular subject difficult to grasp and understand. Breaking up the regular schedule of school can have the benefit of re-igniting the students will to learn and interest in tackling and overcoming an especially difficult subject.

Maji Magic is the first aqua park in the whole of Africa. This means that the practice of first visiting this inflatable adventure park will truly be a unique experience for students. It will expose them to a completely new concept of fun mixed with learning. This will help in developing an understanding of innovation and originality that they can implement into their own lives and education.

Benefits of school trips in Karen, Nairobi 1 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

2. A day off from the school environment

Although a day out of school can seem counter-intuitive to learning, it can be extremely helpful for younger students. They will be able to take a break from school life, without the perceived stress of a school environment.  It allows the students to experience the excitement and fun of an entertaining atmosphere. The informal and relaxed environment can promote stress relief and improved mental health.

40 unique obstacles are available to the students at Maji Magic. They are designed to provide an incredibly fun experience for students. The obstacles are designed to provide high levels of entertainment that both challenge the students and allow them to feel accomplished when challenges such as the Summit Express, the Kaos and the Jungle Joe are completed. This can greatly boost morale and self-confidence.

3. See practical examples of what they are learning at school

Practical learning is a key principle of effectively teaching new and complex ideas. It improves the ability of the student to efficiently retain new information. The hands-on experience provided by school trips enables the students to learn new information using a different medium to that experienced in a classroom. They are more actively engaged in various activities and are able to understand theoretical information in a real-world scenario.

Many different subjects are available for on-site learning at Maji Magic. This ranges from the chemistry of how to maintain water cleanliness. The mechanics of how the park is anchored in place and the physics of how the monsoon system provides huge water pressure. You can explain all this to the students prior to using the park. This will allow the students to better understand and appreciate the logistics of how the aqua park operates.

Benefits of school trips in Karen, Nairobi 2 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

4. Learn valuable social skills and how to behave with their friends

School trips are not only about learning new things or having fun, but they are also a great place for kids to learn essential social skills. These will be with them for life.  They will also help establish friendships but also key business relationships in the future. Introverted students that struggle to be outgoing in the classroom can express themselves in a friendly environment. They can then apply these to their studies and be more involved in communal learning activities.

Maji Magic can be a perfect location for students to engage in social and team building exercises. You can conquer the obstacles by using teamwork. They can also encourage the students to practise better decision-making skills in a high pressure and wet environment! The children can also play various team building games to allow for larger scale bonding exercises with their friends.

5. Improvements for schools as students will be more successful, better engaged and have more confidence in class

Although the student’s experience and personal growth is the priority for a school trip, they also have advantages for the school itself. School trips help develop students into more enthusiastic pupils that will be more motivated to better in class. This will reflect favourably towards the school and its teaching practices. The improved engagement and self-confidence will also result in improved student learning. Those students that struggle with certain subjects who are now able to understand them in a practical way and will be more inclined to push themselves scholastically. When you expose children to a dynamic and involved a school trip, they are more likely to show improved leadership skills and effective teamwork when you task them with a school activity. They are also more likely to pursue further education. All benefits to the school platform.

Benefits of school trips in Karen, Nairobi 3 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

Overall, Maji Magic offers the perfect environment for students of all ages to expand both their knowledge and their social skills in a fun yet thought-provoking environment. Maji Magic should be a key part of any school curriculum.

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