Top 7 obstacles to tackle at Maji Magic Aqua Park

At Maji Magic Aqua Park there are 40 unique obstacles that can be used whilst on the park and provide both constant entertainment but also challenge the user to push their limits! Here are the top 7 that are a must when on the park.

1. The Sky Rocket

An obstacle that towers over the rest of the park. This is the sky rocket and it is a defining feature of the aqua park. An inflatable structure allows the user to swing off the park and jump into the water 3 meters below the top of their jump. As no matter how many times one flies off the swing seat, it never gets boring and is a must to try.

2. The Kaos

In the middle of the park sits the Kaos, a large ring that houses a flexible membrane, the possibilities with this obstacle are endless. One can chase their friends around, see who can last the longest in the middle or, possibly the most exhilarating activity on the kaos, is to launch friends into the air from the centre like a giant slingshot!

3. The Summit Express

The summit express is one of the largest obstacles we have at Maji Magic, it sits as an intimidating mountain on the edge of the park and offers a great reward for those who make it up the stairs. There is a slide on the other side that one uses to rocket back into the water, always a fun experience.

4. The Monkey Dome

One of the more difficult obstacles we have is the monkey dome. If you trust your upper body strength enough then maybe give the hanging rails a go and see how far you can get! However, the fall is also a fun way to get back into the water. Either way you are bound to have a blast.

5. The Super Tramp

Although Maji Magic is a unique experience in itself, the floating trampoline truly is an exceptional piece. A fully functioning trampoline floating in the lake that you can bounce around as you try to stay balanced. It offers great enjoyment!

6. The Foxtrot

A particularly challenging obstacle here at Maji Magic is the foxtrot. Its inflatable ‘log’ shape can prove difficult when attempting to cross it for the first time. However, speed is the key to beating this puzzle and can be very rewarding when you get to the other end without ending up in the water!

7. The Overpass

Do not let the simplicity of this obstacle fool you. The overpass consists of two sloped peaks that can be a handful when wet as grip becomes less available. There are many ways to get over this section and it can become a challenge to see who can be the most creative in traversing it in one go.

If you want to take on these challenges as well as the others on offer. Then you can head over to www.majimagic.com for more information or to book online. We also offer a range of team building activities and the benefits of this to companies which you can read about here! Or you can check out our blog on how Maji Magic benefits children on school trips.

We look forward to having you!

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