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Re-Opening Maji Majic and Managing Covid-19

By 11/11/2020November 17th, 2020No Comments

Maji Magic Re Opening

As we look to reopen our doors to the public this weekend we wanted to inform everyone about the measures we are putting in place to ensure that Maji Magic is operating to a Covid safe policy.

Our staff have all undergone testing and received negative results for Coronavirus. As per government guidelines we will have all staff retested if there are any reports or cases of Covid-19 associated with Maji Magic. We will be operating to Kenyan government guidelines and restrictions, and all our staff have been through Covid training to eliminate the risks of transmission through customer management. In addition to this we have consultants from the UK Aqua Parks Group who have just finished a successful summer Aqua Park season advising us on best practices to ensure we are operating using tried and tested methods. This will help us keep the Aqua Park open and safe for you.

One way aqua park system

As the weather will start to improve over the coming weeks in Nairobi, we have deemed it the right time for us to reopen Maji Magic.  We have also based this decision on a number of important factors:

1.COVID-19 cannot be spread to humans through recreational water

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Evidence shows that COVID-19 cannot be spread to humans through recreational water.”

The CDC said the virus cannot survive if water parks are operated and cleaned properly, with products like chlorine.

“The coronavirus doesn’t survive in chlorinated water,” stated infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Maryland.

At Maji Magic we regularly chlorinate the lake to ensure it is safe for swimming. In addition to this we have the sprinkler system that keeps the park covered in water all day, pumps this chlorinated water all over the park keeping the obstacles covered and removes any potential risks of spreading coronavirus.

2. Covid -19 transmission has show to be very rare outdoors states “Almost all documented coronavirus transmissions have occurred indoors.” However transmission is still possible and “that wearing a mask outside is justified because there is still a risk of infection”. As the spread of infection is not possible in the water we will not require people to wear masks on the water, but on the land they will be required to do so.

3.  Increased temperatures reduce the transmission of Covid-19

Carleton and Meng (2020) correlated global temperature data with a sample of 166,686 confirmed COVID-19 cases between 22/1/20 and 15/3/20 across 134 countries. Their results show a clear correlation between increased temperatures and reduced transmission, and they suggest three mechanisms: first, a biological effect on the virus itself; second, a behavioural effect, where people spend more time outdoors in less dense interactions; third, an increase in co-morbidities.

As we head towards our summer in Nairobi, we feel now more than ever it is safer if not beneficial to be spending more time outdoors. “You’re 20 times more likely to get COVID-19 indoors” states Infectious diseases expert Dr. Blythe Adamson.

All this said it is still important for us to abide by social distancing measures and wearing masks to really eliminate the spreading of Covid-19. As mentioned we will not require people to wear masks when on the water, however we will be very strict about social distancing whilst checking in and getting ready to get on the park for a session. This may cause slight delays at checking in and we please ask for you to be patient in order for us to get everyone on the park safely. Please abide by the signage and social distancing rules that will be illustrated to you as you arrive at the Aqua Park. If we can all follow the rules it will allow us to not only keep you safe, but also keep Maji Magic open.  We would recommend all our visitors to book online and fill in the online disclaimers to speed up the check in process as well as promote social distancing. Our booking platform will be live from midday on 11/11/12.

We would finally like to ask if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms to please stay at home and isolate. Please see the illustration below that advises on the symptoms.

Re-Opening Maji Majic and Managing Covid-19 1 - Maji Magic - Aqua Park - Nairobi Kenya - Top Things To Do Nairobi

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