We rely on social media heavily to promote our product and will take photos and video on an ad-hoc basis to promote the Aqua Park.  We also make use of this material for marketing purposes as we rely heavily on social media to promote our product.

It is not an option to select no to photography, as it is impossible to control who has consented to photographs and who has not on a session by session basis. Please be aware that spectators also take photographs of the Aqua Park in action from the shore. They are not on our land and we have no control over their actions.

If you notice yourself on our social media and you would like it to be removed, we of course will do all in our power to remove it upon notice.

However, If you would not like photos of you or your child taken under any circumstances, then you are unable to complete the disclaimer and therefore unable to attend the Aqua Park. If this is the case, and you have already purchased a ticket please let me know and we will offer you a refund.

The photography is an additional service provided by Maji Magic and is not included in your Aqua Park Ticket Admission. We reserve the right to offer this additional service for Aqua Park sessions at our discretion. In any case where a photographer is not present for your session, no discount or refunds will be given. Where a photographer is present, there is no guarantee that your group will be photographed. If your group photo is taken on the day, and the picture cannot be found online there is no refund or discount given.

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